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We’ve all been there: create a new project for a client, create a database in some form, share the project and include some instructions on how to create the database for the project.

They get the project, it builds — which is great! — but then it comes down to constructing the database. They may not have an instance of the database system you used (MSSQL, MYSQL, MongoDB, etc), which means they won’t be able to run the project.

Fortunately for us and for them, this isn’t the end of the world; there are ways we can get around this…

The factory pattern is a way to create objects without worrying about how that object is created or what is needed, which allows loose coupling. This means we can ask our factory object to provide us a specific object and the factory will deal with constructing it. Of course, we have to setup our factory to do the creation first!

Here’s an example: you want to hire a new developer to work at your company. Now we may know what skills we are looking for, but what about work benefits and background checks? This is where we would ask the…

Let me first just start off with this quote:

“Why does Windows come up and show me a loading bar? Be like Linux and just load; don’t waste resources on showing me a loading bar!” — Anonymous

I understand the concern about those resources, however if you turned an appliance on — be it a light switch or a microwave — you would expect something to happen. If you switched your light on and nothing was to happen, you’d think “What has broken? Why didn’t the light turn on?” …

Multiple Paths
Multiple Paths

Some times we are stuck in a situation where we want to use our old .Net Framework library in our new .Net Core/Standard library. This can be achieved in many different ways, but lets go about this by allowing our library to be built for multiple frameworks.

We first create ourselves a new .Net Core console application (you could choose a .Net Core/Standard library, but you will need to reference this project to test it out). Lets go and add a new class called MultiFrameworks and place this code inside.

public string Platform

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